Do you install flooring?

Yes, we are happy to install the products we sell. However, we cannot install flooring that has been purchased through another retailer. If a problem were to occur with installation, it would be difficult to say if the issue was with the material or the installation. We’d prefer to be liable for both. If a problem occurred with the warranty, we would need to liaise directly with the company we purchased from in order to get you the best possible outcome.

Do you sell flooring without installing?

Yes. It is no problem to sell you the materials and for you to arrange your own installation.

What is your square foot price?

We do not have a set square foot price because there are so many variables which could dramatically add to or take away from your overall cost. We prefer to give you a full quote for the job and stay true to that quote as long as the parameters of the job do not change.

How do I get a quote?

We can either make an appointment to meet you at the job site or give you a quote based on architectural plans. Seeing the job in person will always give us the most accurate representation of what needs to be done; this way there are no surprise costs once we agree to the job.

Is the estimate free?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you have a showroom?

Our office at 4130 3rd Ave. S. is also a showroom. Please call ahead to make sure we are able to assist you when you come in.

How long will my sand and finish hardwood job take?

Overall, we recommend allowing a week for a sand and finish job. It does not always take this long, but unforeseen repairs and even weather conditions can prolong the time a job takes.

If you are sanding and finishing existing flooring, keep in mind that stain and finish need to dry before each new coat can be applied. If we stain one day, we will have to come back the next day to coat. If a coat is not dry the next day, we may have to wait an extra day. It is a tentative process. We recommend waiting at least a day or two after the final coat before you walk on the floors, or as long as possible.

The finish will continue to cure for months. If you are installing hardwood for the first time, the hardwood will need to acclimate to the moisture content of your home environment so that it won’t expand and buckle after sanding. We can either deliver the wood to your home or install it and let it sit for at least a week either way. After acclimation, the sanding and finishing is the same as any existing job.

Do you sell area rugs?

We can have any of the carpet we sell cut and made in to the size and binding of your choosing. We no longer carry pre-made Oriental rugs.

How do I care for my hardwood floors?

We recommend using a mild solution of water and detergent and then rinsing with plain water and drying. You don’t have to use any specific product to maintain your hardwood floors. A mild solution of vinegar and water can cut odors. Cleaning products specifically made for the care of hardwoods, such as Bona, are also great for your floors.

Should I use wax or Murphy’s Oil Soap on my hardwood floors?

While many people believe that these products are good for their flooring, they build up over time and can make it harder and harder to achieve a clean-looking floor. The presence of these products on your floor can also make it harder for us to renovate your floor without sanding and refinishing the hardwood completely. If you would like to periodically put a fresh coat of finish on your hardwood, the finish will not stick to a surface covered in wax or Murphy’s oil soap.

How often should I renovate or refinish my hardwoods?

You can be your own judge as to how often you would like to renovate your flooring. After 5 years, you may wish to put a new coat of finish on your floors to make them look closer to new. This is a low cost way to renew the look of your floors. If a high traffic area has worn spots, you could consider refinishing that area alone even if a guest bedroom or office looks as good as new. Of course, if you wish to change the color of your hardwood, refinishing will give you the freedom to go in a new direction.

How do I care for my carpeted floors?

Most carpet manufacturers have a warranty that you may wish to consult for your specific product. Spot cleaning with water and a mild solution of detergent can help with individual stains, but be sure not to soak the carpet through. This can weaken the backing of the carpet as well as leave residues from any cleaning product you may be using. We recommend using dry cleaning products such as Host for larger scale cleaning.

Do you sell and install hard tiles such as ceramic or stone?

We do not sell or install hard or grouted tiles. We carry and install resilient tiles such as vinyl that can help you achieve a stone or ceramic look.

Can you match my existing flooring?

We can match the stain on sand and finished hardwood with new sand and finished hardwood. We can try to match prefinished hardwood but it is difficult to achieve an exact match unless we use the same product again. The same goes for carpet and tile; if we cannot identify or find the same product, we can try to find something close.

What do I do if my carpet, tile, or prefinished hardwood is no longer manufactured?

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in the industry. As trends and tastes change, companies drop older styles and colors for new products. If your product is no longer available, you will likely either have to settle for a close match or change your flooring. This can be especially problematic if you only have a small area of repair to be done, so keep this in mind when choosing a product in the first place. Ordering extra or going with a product that has been around for many years may help you in the future.

Do you sell remnant materials?

We sell remnant carpet at $2/sq. yd. These pieces are rarely larger than 6 x 8 and are often oddly shaped. We are happy to set up a time for you to look at remnants, but you may have to wait a day if you want the piece cut or if it needs to be moved by our workers.